Bie, Oscar

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BIE, OSCAR (1864–1938), writer on music and the fine arts. Bie studied music with Philipp Scharwenka in Berlin and devoted himself to musical journalism and the writing of monographs. He was editor of the Freie Buehne and the literary review Die neue Rundschau; he wrote opera reviews for the Berliner Boersenkurier. Bie was appointed lecturer on the history of art at the Berlin Technical High School in 1890 and in 1921 teacher at the Berlin High School of Music. Among his books are A History of the Pianoforte and Pianoforte Players (1899), Intime Musik (1904), Tanzmusik (1905), Der Tanz (1906), Die moderne Musik und Richard Strauss (1906), Die Oper (1913), Das Ratsel der Musik (1922), Franz Schubert (1925), Das Deutsche Lied (1926), and Richard Wagner und Bayreuth (1931).


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[Israela Stein (2nd ed.)]