Biebuyck, Daniel P.

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BIEBUYCK, Daniel P. Belgian, b. 1925. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Art/Art history, Cultural/Ethnic topics, Mythology/Folklore, Bibliography. Career: Institute pour la Recherche scientifique en Afrique Centrale, Research Fellow, 1949-57; Lovanium University, Kinshasa, Professor, 1957-61; University of Delaware, Newark, H. Rodney Sharp Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Humanities, 1989- (Visiting Professor, 1961-62; Professor, 1962-63; H. Rodney Sharp Professor, 1963-88; Interim Director of Black Studies, 1970-71); University of California, Los Angeles, Professor and Curator of African Collections, 1964-66; University of South Florida, Tampa, S. Golding Professor of African Art, 1993-96. Publications: (with K. Mateene) Anthologie de la Litterature orale Nyanga, 1970; Lega Culture: Art, Initiation and Moral Philosophy among a Central African People, 1973; Hero and Chief: Epic Literature from the Banyanga, 1978; Statuary from the Pre-Bembe Hunters, 1981; (with N. Van Den Abbeele) The Power of Headdresses: A Cross-Cultural Study of Forms and Functions, 1984; Southwestern Zaire, vol. I of The Arts of Zaire, 1985; Eastern Zaire, vol. II of The Arts of Zaire, 1986; The Arts of Central Africa: An Annotated Bibliography, 1987; (with B. Biebuyck) We Test Those Whom We Marry, 1987; La Sculpture des lega. Lega Sculpture, 1994; (with S. Kelliher and L. McRae) African Ethnonyms: Index to Art-Producing Peoples of Africa, 1996; Lega: Ethics and Beauty in the Heart of Africa, 2002. EDITOR: African Agrarian Systems, 1963; (and trans. with K. Mateene) The Mwindo Epic from the Banyanga, 1969; Tradition and Creativity in Tribal Art, 1969.