Barbatia, Andreas de (Andreas Siculus)

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Lay canon lawyer; b. Messina, Sicily, c. 1400; d. Bologna, July 21, 1479. In 1425 he studied medicine at Bologna and then law. In 1438 he both taught and took his doctorate degree in canon law. From 1438 until 1442 he taught at Florence, then returned to Bologna and taught there until his retirement (1478). He was a renowned teacher and active practitioner of law. Among his students was Rodriquez Borgia, later Pope Innocent VI. His knowledge of both canon and civil law caused popes, kings, and civil leaders to seek out his advice. His works include Lecturae seu Repetitiones, on the Decretals, Tractatus de Praestantia Cardinalium (Bologna 1487), Tractatus de Cardinalibus a latere legatis (Lyons 1518), and Tractatus de praetensionibus (Bologna 1487).

Bibliography: a. amanieu, Dictionnaire de droit canonique 1:52021. j. f. von schulte, Die Geschichte der Quellen und der Literatur des kanonischen Rechts 2:30611.

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