Avila, Eliezer ben Samuel ben Moses de

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AVILA, ELIEZER BEN SAMUEL BEN MOSES DE (known from the initials of his name as "Rav Adda "; 1714–1761), Moroccan rabbinical scholar; son of Samuel *Avila, born in Salé, Morocco. His commentaries on the Talmud, written while he was still a youth, are noteworthy for their acumen and independence. His works, published posthumously, are Magen Gibborim, on the Talmud (2 vols., Leghorn, 1781–85); Milḥemet Mitzvah, also on the Talmud (Leghorn, 1805) and including sermons entitled Ḥesed ve-Emet; Be'er Mayim Ḥayyim, responsa (Leghorn, 1806); Ma'yan Gannim, on the Turim. Another part of his responsa, entitled She'elot u-Teshuvot de-Rav Adda, and a work on the Bible, remain in manuscript. His responsa are a valuable source of information on the condition of the Jews of Morocco in the 18th century. He died in Rabat. To this day the Jews of Morocco go on pilgrimage to his grave.


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