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(1) Palestinian amora of the third and fourth century. Avira was a colleague of R. *Ḥelbo and R. Yose b. Ḥanina. He frequented the bet ha-midrash of Judah ii where he held the office of "maftir kenesiyyot" (according to Rashi, supervising the assembly and dismissal of the students). Avira went to Babylon in the time of Abbaye and transmitted halakhot in the name of R. Judah ii (Ḥul. 51a) and aggadah in the names of R. Ammi and R. Assi, e.g., "A man should always eat and drink for less than his means allow, clothe himself in accordance with his means, and honor his wife and children beyond his means for they depend upon him, while he depends upon God" (Ḥul. 84b).

(2) A fourth century, Babylonian amora, Avira, transmitted halakhot in the name of *Rava (bb 131b; Ḥul. 55a). He discussed halakhic problems with Ravina (Pes. 73a; Ket. 103a). His son was Aḥa (Ber. 44a).


Hyman, Toledot, 970.

[Zvi Kaplan]