Artom, Cesare

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ARTOM, CESARE (1879–1934), Italian biologist. Artom was born in Asti and went to the university at Turin. In 1903 he was appointed assistant in zoology at the University of Cagliari. Here he acquired his lifelong interest in the biological problems presented by the brine-shrimp Artemia salina, which abounds in the nearby salt lake of San Bartolomeo. After a period of study in the Wuerzburg laboratory of Theodor Boveri (1908–12), Artom held academic posts at Genoa, Rome, Siena, and Sassari. In 1926 he was appointed to the chair of zoology and comparative anatomy at Pavia, which he held until his death. Apart from his writings on the brine-shrimp, he made more general contributions on the chromosomal and cellular aspects of heredity.

[Mordecai L. Gabriel]