Artôt, (Marguerite-Joséphine) Désirée

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Artôt, (Marguerite-Joséphine) Désirée (b Paris, 1835; d Berlin, 1907). Belg. mez., later sop. Opera début Paris Opéra, 1858. Sang in concerts and opera in London 1859–66. In 1869 married Spanish bar. Mariano Padilla y Ramos, with whom she often sang. Their daughter Lola Artôt de Padilla (b Sèvres, 1876; d Berlin, 1933) was member of the Berlin Hofoper company from 1909 and sang the role of Oktavian at the first Berlin perf. of Der Rosenkavalier. Created Vreli in A Village Romeo and Juliet, Berlin 1907.