Artusi, Giovanni Maria

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Music theorist of the Roman conservative circle; b. Bologna, Italy, 1540 (1545?); d. Bologna, 1613. By 1562 he was a canon of the Congregation of the Saviour. Though his polemics against monteverdi put him in the early Italian baroque, it is difficult not to classify him with the Renaissance. He took exception not only to the seconda prattica of Monteverdi, but also wrote against Gesualdo, Vincentino, Rore, and A. Gabrieli, showing how they had strayed from classical Renaissance traditions. In L'Arte del contrapunto (158689; microprint, Rochester, N.Y. 1954) he showed himself a conservative student of Zarlino, but later attacked even him. Other writings were L'Artusi, overo delle imperfettioni della moderna musica (1600) and Considerazioni musicali (1603). He remained a defender of the old styles until the end, but in later life he softened with regard to Monteverdi's music, which he even professed to admire. Of his compositions a book of four-voiced Canzonette is well known (1598).

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