Armellini, Mariano

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Benedictine historian; b. Ancona, Dec. 10, 1662; d. Foligno, May 4, 1737. He entered the monastery of St. Paul in Rome in 1682. After completing his studies at Monte Cassino, he taught at various Cassinese monasteries from 1687 to 1695. He preached with great success throughout Italy and was appointed abbot of the monastery at Siena by Pope Innocent XIII (1722). He was sent to the monastery of St. Peter at Assisi (1729) and to the monastery of St. Felician, near Foligno (1734). He is an eminent historian of the Cassinese congregation and wrote the well-known Bibliotheca Benedictino-Cassinesis (2 v. Assisi 173132), Appendix de viris literis illustribus a congregatione Casinensi (Foligno 1732), Additiones et correctiones bibliothecae Benedictino-Casinensis (Foligno 173536), Catologi tres episcoporum, reformatorum et virorum sanctitate illustrium e congregatione Casinensi (Assisi 1755).

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Armellini, Mariano

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