Arieli, Yiẓḥak

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ARIELI, YIẒḤAK (1898–1974), rabbi. Arieli was born in Jerusalem and studied in local yeshivot. He was one of the first heads of Yeshivat Merkaz ha-Rav in Jerusalem, founded by R. Abraham Isaac *Kook, where he served on the staff and was administrator for about 40 years. In 1924 he participated in the founding of the Jerusalem suburbs of Kiryat Shemuel and Neveh Sha'anan. In 1942 he was appointed rabbi of the Jerusalem suburb Keneset Israel. He represented the Chief Rabbinate on the government committee on autopsies. His works include Einayim la-Mishpat (1936–66), notes on, and a précis of, the methodology of the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds; Shirat ha-Geulah (1956), on the month of Nisan and a commentary on the Passover Haggadah; and Yeraḥ ha-Eitanim (1964), on the month of Tishri. He was awarded the Israel Prize for rabbinical literature in 1966.