Ariel (Leibovitz), Dov

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ARIEL (Leibovitz), DOV

ARIEL (Leibovitz ), DOV (1860–1943), *Bilu pioneer. Ariel, who was born in the Kovno province, joined the first group of Bilu and acted as its propagandist in Russia. In 1884 he went to Ereẓ Israel and joined other Bilu members living in Jaffa and doing agricultural work at Mikveh Israel. Later that year he helped to found Gederah, the first Bilu colony. Ariel served for many years as chairman and secretary of the Gederah Committee, was its representative to the yishuv authorities, and published a booklet (Ha-Moshavah Gederah, 1900) and many articles about Gederah.


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