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ANTUÑES , Marrano family. heitor (hector) sailed for Brazil from Portugal in 1557; he was tried posthumously by the Lisbon Inquisition. His widow, Ana Rois, died in prison. Several members of the family were tried by the Inquisition in the 17th century and the name figures also in the records of the Mexican Inquisition. In the auto-da-fé at Valladolid in 1725, a family from Portugal comprising two brothers and two sisters named Antuñes were reconciled to the church.

David was among the Amsterdam poets who collaborated in the volume in memory of the inquisitional martyr Abraham Nuñez *Bernal in 1655. aaron, rabbi in Amsterdam and Naarden, was in correspondence with contemporary German talmudic scholars and left some works in manuscript, including a commentary on Avot. It is questionable whether he is the same Aaron b. Solomon Antuñes who was active as a printer in Amsterdam 1716–20. gabriel, who left Suriname with the British in 1675, settled in Barbados. The family of Antuñes Paredes was numerous in Curação.


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