Anna Be-Korenu

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ANNA BE-KORENU (Heb. אָנָּא בְּקָרְאֵנוּ), a seliḥah in the Sephardi rite, recited on the eve of the *Day of Atonement. It was composed by David b. Eleazar *Ibn Paquda (12th century). The prayer, its eight stanzas spelling the acrostic David Ḥazak ("David, be strong!"), consists of a plaintive theme developed by the cantor and punctuated frequently by the congregation singing either "Hear, O Lord!" or "Pardon, O Lord!" The chorus, from which the name is derived, reads, "To the voice of our supplication when we call Thee, Hear, O Lord! Through Thy mercy, the sins caused by our selfish ambition, Pardon, O Lord!"