Anna Karenina 2000

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Anna Karenina ★★½ 2000

Well-done British adaptation of the familiar Tolstoy drama although, frankly, Anna (McCrory) is a pill. Less tragic than headstrong, this willful Russian beauty runs from her passionless marriage to Karenin (Dillane) straight into the arms of dashing seducer Vronsky (McKidd). Of course, once they turn each other's lives to misery, what else is left but a tragic end. This version also includes the secondary love affair of Kitty (Baeza) and Levin (Henshall). 240m/C VHS, DVD . Helen McCrory, Kevin McKidd, Stephen (Dillon) Dillane, Douglas Henshall, Paloma Baeza, Amanda Root, Mark Strong; D: David Blair; W: Allan Cubitt; C: Ryszard Lenczewski; M: John Keane. TV

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Anna Karenina 2000

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