Angelina, St.

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Serbian princess; b. fifteenth century; d. Fruška Gora (Yugoslavia), c. 1510. She was the daughter of Ivan Tsrnoievič, prince of the independent state of Zeta. From her marriage to the despot Stephen Branovič she had two sons, Jörg and Hanns. After the death of the despot Vonk, she ruled the Zetans (149799) and fought against the Turks to preserve Zetan independence. She became a heroine to the Serbians, who called her the mother and queen of Montenegro. Her piety and devotion attracted much admiration, and her cult is still popular in Yugoslavia, where folk poems and songs commemorate her holiness and her patriotism. She was buried in the monastery of Krusedol in the Fruška Gora Mts., where her son Jörg had become a monk. He was later metropolitan of Belgrade (d. 1516).

Feast: June 30.

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