Agrippa, Caius Julius

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AGRIPPA, CAIUS JULIUS , governor of the Roman province of Asia (late first century c.e.). Agrippa's father, a King Alexander, is possibly the Alexander referred to by Josephus (Ant., 18:139 ff.) as a great-grandson of Herod and Mariamne. This Alexander married Jotape, daughter of Antiochus of Commagene, and was appointed king of Cetis(?) (ησιοδος, amended by A. Wilhelm (Archaeologisch-Epigraphische Mittheilungen…, 17 (1894), 5) into κητιδος) in Cilicia by Vespasian. His offspring, apparently including Agrippa, "abandoned from birth the observance of Judaism and adopted the Greek way of life" (Greek inscriptions in the British Museum, 3, sect. 2,187).


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[Isaiah Gafni]