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ADEL (Hodel ), only daughter of *Israel b. Eliezer Ba'al Shem Tov. Ḥasidim recall her name with veneration and she figures in many ḥasidic legends. She cared for her father on his sick-bed. Her husband Jehiel Ashkenazi was honored by contemporary Ḥasidim and by his father-in-law. The couple earned their living from the store which she supervised. She was the mother of the ẓaddikim*Moses Ḥayyim Ephraim of Sudylkow and *Baruch of Medzibezh. Her daughter, Feige, the wife of Simhah b. Nahman of Gorodenka (Horodenca), was the mother of *Naḥman of Bratslav who said of his grandmother that "all the ẓaddikim believed her to be endowed with Divine Inspiration, and a woman of great perception."


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[Mordecai Ben-Yehezkiel]