Har Krishan, Gurū

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Har Krishan, Gurū (1656–64 CE). Eighth Sikh Gurū. As his brother, Rām Rāi, had incurred the disfavour of their father, Gurū Har Rāi, Har Krishan succeeded as Gurū in 1661 at the age of 5. The emperor Auraṅgzeb summoned him to Delhi, where he stayed in the house of Mirzā Rājā Jai Siṅgh of Jaipur. Here he died of smallpox. The site is now marked by Banglā Sāhib gurdwārā (near Connaught Place, New Delhi).

Various stories are told of the boy Gurū's powers. In particular he indicated the provenance of his successor, Gurū Tegh Bahādur, by saying, ‘Bābā Bakāle’, i.e. he would not be Rām Rāi or Dhīr Mal, but would come from Bakālā.