Har Rāi, Gurū

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Har Rāi, Gurū (1630–61). Seventh Sikh Gurū. Gurū Har Rāi was the second son of Gurū Hargobind's son, Gurdittā (d. 1638) and brother of Dhīr Mal. He was chosen as successor by his grandfather and became Gurū on his death in 1644, but was soon compelled to leave his birthplace, Kīratpur, for a remote mountain village. Har Rāi returned to Kīratpur 1658 and aided Dārā Shikoh, Emperor Shāh Jahān's eldest son. Gurū Har Rāi's words, that a temple or mosque can be repaired but not a broken heart, are indicative of his peaceable disposition.