Dharam yudh

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Dharam yudh (‘war of righteousness’). Sikh recognition that in some circumstances war is necessary. Gurū Nānak insisted that tyranny and injustice must be resisted, and Gurū Amar Dās told members of the Kṣatriyas that it was their dharma to establish a protective fence of justice. However, it was not until the time of Gurū Gobiṅd Singh (10th Gurū) that the rules of war were drawn up. He laid down five conditions of a justifiable war: (i) it must be action of the last resort; (ii) the motives must be pure; (iii) it must not be for the purpose of gaining territory; (iv) the soldiers must be committed Sikhs who therefore conduct themselves according to Sikh standards; (v) minimum force must be employed. See, in comparison, JUST WAR.