Chʾüan-chen tao

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Chʾüan-chen tao (Chin., ‘way of realizing truth’). A major form of religious Taoism also known as Pure Yang (chung-yang) and Golden Lotus (chin-lien). The school was founded by Wang Chʾun-yang (1112–70 CE). The objective for every disciple is to realize Tao in experience, by understanding his own nature and mind in relation to Tao. To this end he drew on classic sources (e.g. Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra, outer alchemy and inner nei-tan), but also on sources outside the Taoist tradition, especially Zen Buddhism, and to some extent Confucianism. His system is thus eclectic. Of several movements derived from Chʾüan-chen tao, the most important (or at least enduring) has been Lungmen, the Dragon Gate school, with its monastery at Pai-yün kuan.