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Vanloo (väNlō´, vänlō´), family of French painters of Dutch origin. Jacob or Jacques Vanloo, 1614–70, b. Holland, went to Paris in 1662, where he had great success as a portrait painter. His portrait of Michel Corneille is in the Louvre. His grandson, Jean Baptiste Vanloo, 1684–1745, became a popular portrait painter and a member of the Académie royale. He painted the portraits of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska. In London, where he was highly acclaimed, he did portraits of Colley Cibber, Sir Robert Walpole, and others. He was also known for his historical paintings and frescoes. His brother, Carle or Charles André Vanloo, 1705–65, enjoyed an international reputation as a decorative painter. He worked on a cycle of the life of St. Gregory for the dome of the Invalides. His Marriage of the Virgin and Halt during a Hunt (both: Louvre) are good examples of his work. The son of Jean Baptiste, Louis-Michel Vanloo, 1707–71, was a well-known portrait painter. He was (1735–46) painter to Philip V, king of Spain, and executed portraits of Louis XV and others in the French royal family.