Vannoy, Allyn R. 1951–

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Vannoy, Allyn R. 1951–


Born June 16, 1951, in Manchester, IA; son of Robert (a machinist) and Betty (a bookkeeper) Vannoy; married Cynthia Holt (divorced); children: Kathryn I. Ethnicity: ‘White.’ Education: Iowa State University, B.S., 1974; Florida Institute of Technology, M.S., 1983. Politics: Democrat.


Home—Hillsboro, OR. E-mail—[email protected].


Alpnet, Salt Lake City, UT, localization project manager, 1998-99; Intel, Hillsboro, OR, localization product manager, 1999—.


(With Jay Karamales) Against the Panzers: United States Infantry versus German Tanks, 1944-1945, a History of Eight Battles Told through Diaries, Unit Histories, and Interviews, McFarland (Jefferson, NC), 1996.

Contributor to magazines, including Military Heritage, American Civil War, and World War II.


Allyn R. Vannoy told CA: ‘I've always looked for books like the one I coauthored, but there seemed to be very few. My work was influenced by the books of Cornelius Ryan. I wish he had written more of them. My writing process involves digging through lots of historical reports and other materials to find a few good nuggets. My inspiration was the stories of the veterans, which were compelling. They deserve to be told."