Soult, Nicolas Jean de Dieu

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Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult (nēkôlä´ zhäN də dyö sōōlt), 1769–1851, marshal of France. Having won distinction in the Napoleonic Wars, especially at the battle of Austerlitz, he was created (1808) duke of Dalmatia and was given command in the Peninsular War. After the restoration (1814) of the monarchy, King Louis XVIII made him minister of war, but he rejoined Napoleon I in the Hundred Days (1815). Exiled after the second restoration, he returned to France in 1819, was restored to his rank, and was made (1827) a peer by King Charles X. Under King Louis Philippe, Soult held several ministerial posts, including that of premier (1832–34, 1839–40, 1840–47). His last premiership was only nominal, since his cabinet was really dominated by François Guizot, who succeeded him.