Soulsby, Lord E(rnest) J(ackson) L(awson)

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SOULSBY, Lord E(rnest) J(ackson) L(awson)

SOULSBY, Lord E(rnest) J(ackson) L(awson). British, b. 1926. Genres: Animals/Pets, Medicine/Health. Career: Fellow, Wolfson College, Cambridge, and Professor of Animal Pathology, Cambridge University, 1978-94 (Lecturer, 1954-63). Veterinary Officer, Edinburgh, 1949-52; Lecturer in Clinical Parasitology, University of Bristol, 1952-54; Professor of Parasitology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1964-78. Publications: Textbook of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 1965; Biology of Parasites, 1966; Reaction of the Host to Parasitism, 1968; Helminths, Arthropods, and Protozoa of Domesticated Animals, 6th ed. 1968, 7th ed. 1982; Immunity to Animal Parasites, 1972; Parasitic Zoonoses, 1974; Pathophysiology of Parasitic Infections, 1976; Epidemiology and Control of Nematodiasis in Cattle, 1981; Immune Responses in Parasitic Infections, 4 vols., 1987; Zoonoses, 1998. Address: Old Barn House, Swaffham Prior, Cambridge CB5 0LD, England.