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Romsdalen (rōōms´däl´ĕn), valley, c.60 mi (100 km) long, in Møre og Romsdal co., SW Norway, flanked by the mountains of Dovrefjell. It is an ancient passage from the western coast to S Norway, and is connected with the Gudoransdal by a pass. A force of Scottish mercenaries who sought to join Gustavus II of Sweden during the Kalmar War was almost entirely massacred at Kringen, in the pass, by Norwegian peasants. Many jagged peaks, including Vinjatindane, Trolltindan, and Romsdalshorn, line the valley; their unusual outlines have given rise to many legends. The Rauma River (35 mi/56 km long) descends in several cataracts through Romsdalen to Romsdalfjord, an arm of Moldefjord.