Rona, Peter

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RONA, PETER (1871–1945), biochemist. Rona was born in Budapest, Hungary, and from 1906 worked at the City Hospital in Berlin. From 1922 until the coming of the Nazis in 1933, he was professor of medicinal chemistry at the University of Berlin and director of the chemical department of the Pathological Institute, and consultant to the Charité Hospital. In 1935 he went to Budapest. In 1944 he was under the protection of the Swedish Embassy there, but he died in early 1945, probably murdered by the Nazis.

He contributed papers to scientific journals, dealing with blood serum, alkaloids, adsorption, enzymes, poisons, and sugars. From 1920 to 1935 he was the editor of Berichte ueber die gesamte Physiologie und experimentelle Pharmakologie, and from 1923 to 1924 of a parallel Jahresberichte. He was author of Praktikum der physiologischen Chemie, 3 vols. (1929–31), and of Praktikum der physikalischen Chemie insbesondere der Kolloidchemie fuer Mediziner und Biologen (1930).


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