Roland de la Platière, Jeanne Manon Philipon

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Jeanne Manon Philipon Roland de la Platière (Mme Roland) (zhän mänôN´ flēpôN´ rôläN´ də lä plätyĕr´), 1754–93, French revolutionary. Imbued with classical ideals and with the philosophy of Rousseau, she made her house the intellectual center of the Girondists, and her influence on Girondist policy was great. Her husband, Jean Marie Roland de la Platière, rose to prominence in the Revolution largely as a result of her ambition and political connections. When her party fell Mme Roland was arrested; as she walked to the guillotine she cried, "O Liberty, what crimes are committed in thy name!"

See her letters (ed. by C. Perroud, 1900–1902); biographies by M. C. Jacquemaire (1930) and G. May (1970).

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Roland de la Platière, Jeanne Manon Philipon

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