Pizarro, Hernando

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Hernando Pizarro (ĕrnän´dō pēthär´rō), fl. 1530–60, Spanish conquistador, half-brother of Francisco Pizarro. Much older than his half-brothers, Francisco, Juan, and Gonzalo, and, unlike them, legitimate by birth and educated, Hernando accompanied Francisco from Spain in 1530. After the conquest he returned (1533) to advance the fortunes of the family at court at the expense of Diego de Almagro, Francisco's partner. In 1536, back in Peru, he defended (1536–37) Cuzco against the Inca Manco Capac. Hernando then fought against Diego de Almagro, was captured (1537), released, and returned (1538) to defeat and execute Almagro. Because of his standing at court, he was sent (1539) to Spain to argue the cause of the Pizarros in the recent civil war, but bribery was not enough. Hernando suffered mild imprisonment for 20 years. Released in 1560, he died some time later, according to one chronicler at the age of 100.