Pizarro, Pedro (1515–1587)

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Pizarro, Pedro (1515–1587)

A soldier and a chronicler, Pedro Pizarro had an active role in the Spanish Conquest in Peru. Originally from Toledo, he was the cousin of Francisco Pizarro, to whom he referred as "el Marqués." Upon his arrival in Peru in 1530, Pedro Pizarro was only fifteen years old. He fought against Diego de Almagro and won the victory in the battle against Gonzalo Pizarro, Francisco's half-brother, and also helped to frustrate the rebellion of Manco Inca Yupanqui in 1536. He was committed to his mission as conquistador and was granted the encomiendas of Tacna and Arica. Later in his life Pedro Pizarro settled in Arequipa, where in 1571 he completed the Relacion del descubrimiento y conquista de los reinos del Peru, one of the most reliable documents about the conquest.

Pizarro's work is not only a narrative of conflict and warfare; it also contains anthropological material about the everyday lives of the Andean people (including the women) and a detailed description of Atahualpa. Pizarro stresses that he is a direct witness of the events he reports, unlike such chroniclers as Pedro de Cieza de León, who writes on what he hears "en una coronica que ha querido hacer de oidas, y creo yo que muy poco de vista" [in a chronicle that he tried to do through hearsay and, I believe, not much by truly seeing] (p. 176). Pizarro consistently provides references to his sources, thus assuring the reader of the accuracy of his information.

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Pizarro, Pedro (1515–1587)

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