Palikao, Charles Guillaume Cousin-Montauban, comte de

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Charles Guillaume Cousin-Montauban Palikao, comte de (shärl gēyōm´ kōōzăN´-môNtōbäN´ kôNt də pälēkäō´), 1796–1878, French general. He commanded (1860) the French forces in China; his title was bestowed after his victory at Baliqiao (formerly Palikao or Pa-li-ch'iao) near Beijing. At the start of the Franco-Prussian War he replaced (Aug., 1870) Ollivier as premier under the regency of Empress Eugénie. The capture of Napoleon III at Sedan was followed by the overthrow of the Second Empire in a bloodless revolution at Paris, and Palikao fled to Belgium.