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Miantonomo (mēăn´tənō´mō, mīăn´–), d. 1643, chief of the Narragansett; nephew of another chief, Canonicus. In 1637 he aided the English colonists in the Pequot War. The following year he was induced to make a treaty of peace with the English and with his ancient enemy, Uncas. Miantonomo was friendly with the settlers of Rhode Island, particularly with Roger Williams, but was viewed with suspicion in Massachusetts and accused of instigating plots against the English. He defended himself (1640) in Boston, where he was ill-treated. In 1643 he was captured by Uncas and delivered to the English at Hartford, but was returned by them to Uncas, who killed him.

See H. M. Chapin, Sachems of the Narragansetts (1931).