Berlin Summit

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At a meeting in Berlin on 26 March 1999, the member countries of the European Union published a text on Israeli-Palestinian relations, according to which the European Union: "1) Reaffirms its support for a negotiated solution, reflecting the principle of 'exchange of the territories against peace' and guaranteeing the collective and individual security of the Israeli and Palestinian people; welcomes in this context the decision of the Palestinian National Council nullifying the particulars of their charter that called for the destruction of Israel, while reaffirming their commitment to live in peace with Israel; is concerned by the current impasse in the peace process, calling on all parties to apply fully and immediately the Wye River memorandum. 2) Calls on the parties to reaffirm their commitment to the basic principles established in the framework of Madrid, Oslo, and subsequent agreements, in accord with Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338; urges the parties to agree on an extension of the interim period, as was established in the Oslo accord. 3) Calls for, in particular, a prompt restart of negotiations on final status in the upcoming months on an accelerated basis, which should lead to a rapid settlement, not be prolonged indefinitely; expresses its conviction that it should be possible to conclude the negotiations within a year's time, while declaring its willingness to facilitate these negotiations. 4) Urges the parties to refrain from activities that anticipate the result of these negotiations on a final status, or any activities contrary to international law, including any settlement activity, and to eliminate provocation and violence. 5) Reaffirms the permanent and unrestricted right of the Palestinians to self-determination, including the option of a state; desires the prompt respect of this right; calls on the parties to make an effort of good will to find a negotiated solution based on existing accords, without prejudice to this right, which is not subject to cancellation; expresses its conviction that the creation of a viable and peaceful democratic Palestinian state, based on existing accords and through negotiations, would be the best guarantee of Israel's security and the acceptance of Israel as an equal partner in the region; declares its willingness to consider recognizing a Palestinian state, when the time comes, on the basis of the above-mentioned principles. 6) Calls for a prompt restart of negotiations on the Syrian and Lebanese wings of the peace process, resulting in an application of Security Council Resolutions 242, 338, and 425."

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