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tra·bec·u·la / trəˈbekyələ/ • n. (usu. in pl. -lae / -lē/ ) 1. Anat. each of a series or group of partitions formed by bands or columns of connective tissue, esp. a plate of the calcareous tissue forming cancellous bone. 2. Bot. any of a number of rodlike structures in plants, e.g., a strand of sterile tissue dividing the cavity in a sporangium. DERIVATIVES: tra·bec·u·lar adj. tra·bec·u·late / -lit/ adj.

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trabecula A projection of a cell wall that extends as a bar across a cell lacuna or lumen.

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trabecula (tră-bek-yoo-lă) n. (pl. trabeculae)
1. any of the bands of tissue that pass from the outer part of an organ to its interior, dividing it into separate chambers.

2. any of the thin bars of bony tissue in spongy bone.
trabecular adj.