Trace of Stones

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Trace of Stones ★★ Spur der Steine 1966

Building construction foreman Hannes Balla benevolently rules over a mammoth building site where he's supported by his workers because things run smoothly. Until, that is, a young female engineer, Kati Klee, and the new Party Secretary Werner Horrath show up. Balla soon isn't the top man anymore and, what's worse, he finds himself in a romantic triangle with Kati and Horrath. Based on the novel by Erik Neutsch. German with subtitles. 138m/B VHS . GE Manfred Krug, Krystyna Stypulkowska, Eberhard Esche; D: Frank Beyer; W: Karl-Georg Egel; C: Gunter Marczinkowski.