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Apterygidae (kiwis; class Aves, order Apterygiformes) A family of fowl-sized, brown-grey ratites. They have short, muscular legs, and a long flexible bill with nostrils at the tip. Their feathers are loose and hair-like. They have vestigial wings and no tail. They are small-eyed and mainly nocturnal, inhabiting thick forests and nesting in burrows. They feed on grubs and worms. The family comprises one genus (Apteryx) containing three species, all of them endemic to New Zealand.


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Apterygiformes (kiwis; class Aves) An order that comprises one family, Apterygidae.


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apteryx kiwi. XIX. — modL., f. A-4 + Gr. ptérux wing.


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Apteryx (kiwis) See APTERYGIDAE.