Avalon Peninsula

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Avalonian orogeny An episode of mountain building, named after the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, that occurred about 650–500 Ma ago (Cambrian to Ordovician) as a result of rifting (see RIFT) and volcanicity associated with the opening of the Atlantic. Its rocks are found intermittently from Georgia to Newfoundland. See APPALACHIAN OROGENIC BELT.

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Avalon Peninsula, 3,579 sq mi (9,270 sq km), SE N.L., Canada, on Newfoundland. It is nearly divided at its center by Conception Bay and St. Mary's Bay. The peninsula is the most densely populated part of Newfoundland; St. John's is the chief city. A lighthouse and radio direction-finding station are at Cape Race, which is the easternmost point in North America.