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Helsingør (hĕl´sĬng-ör´) or Elsinore (ĕl´sĬnôr´), city (1992 pop. 43,302), Frederiksborg co., E Denmark, on the Øresund opposite Helsingborg, Sweden. It is an industrial center, fishing port, and summer resort. Manufactures include ships, rubber, machinery, beer, and textiles. Known since the 13th cent., Helsingør experienced its greatest prosperity from the 15th cent. to 1857, when it served as the port where the Danish kings collected tolls from ships passing through the Øresund. It is the site of Kronborg castle (1754–85; completely restored 1925–37), which, although the strongest fortress in Denmark at the time, was taken by the Swedes in 1660. The castle is now a maritime museum and is also used for performances of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which is set there. Also of note in Helsingør is the Church of St. Mary (15th cent.).


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Helsingorbanger, clanger, ganger, hangar, hanger, haranguer, Sanger, Stavanger •headbanger • doppelgänger •straphanger • cliffhanger •paperhanger •bringer, clinger, flinger, humdinger, pinger, ringer, singer, slinger, springer, stinger, stringer, swinger, winger, wringer, zinger •Schrödinger • mud-slinger •gunslinger • bell-ringer • klipspringer •Helsingor •prolonger, tonga, wronger •ponga