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EsbjergBerg, burg, erg, exergue •Hamburg • Battenberg • Strasberg •Habsburg • Salzburg • Strasbourg •Pressburg • Spielberg • Tilburg •Lindbergh, Strindberg •Wittenberg • Vicksburg • Pittsburgh •Ginsberg • Johannesburg •Königsberg • Gettysburg • Freiburg •Heidelberg • Heisenberg • iceberg •Bromberg, homburg, Romberg •Gothenburg • Warburg • Jo'burg •Gutenberg • Duisburg • Magdeburg •Brandenburg • Hindenburg •Mecklenburg • Wallenberg •Orenburg • Nuremberg •Luxembourg • St Petersburg •Williamsburg • Schoenberg •Würzburg • Esbjerg


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Esbjerg (ĕs´byĕr), city (1992 pop. 72,205), Ribe co., SW Denmark, a port on the North Sea. It is a commercial and industrial center, and Denmark's largest fishing port. Esbjerg's main development came after the construction (late 19th cent.) of its harbor. Esbjerg has ferry connections to the Faeroe Islands and serves as a base for Danish exploration of oil and gas in the North Sea.


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