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Beaunealone, atone, Beaune, bemoan, blown, bone, Capone, clone, Cohn, Cologne, condone, cone, co-own, crone, drone, enthrone, flown, foreknown, foreshown, groan, grown, half-tone, home-grown, hone, Joan, known, leone, loan, lone, moan, Mon, mown, ochone, outflown, outgrown, own, phone, pone, prone, Rhône, roan, rone, sewn, shown, Simone, Sloane, Soane, sone, sown, stone, strown, throne, thrown, tone, trombone, Tyrone, unbeknown, undersown, zone •Dione • backbone • hambone •breastbone • aitchbone •tail bone, whalebone •cheekbone • shin bone • hip bone •wishbone • splint bone • herringbone •thigh bone • jawbone • marrowbone •knuckle bone • collarbone •methadone • headphone • cellphone •heckelphone • payphone • Freefone •radio-telephone, telephone •videophone • francophone •megaphone • speakerphone •allophone • Anglophone • xylophone •gramophone • homophone •vibraphone • microphone •saxophone • answerphone •dictaphone •sarrusophone, sousaphone •silicone • pine cone • snow cone •flyblown • cyclone • violone •hormone • pheromone • Oenone •chaperone • progesterone •testosterone


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Beaune (bōn), town (1990 pop. 22,171), Côte-d'Or dept., E France, in Burgundy. It is a noted center for Burgundy wines, with a wine school and wine research facilities. Its manufactures include winemaking equipment. Beaune flourished as a residence of the dukes of Burgundy. Its textile industry was ruined when the revocation of the Edict of Nantes expelled (1685) the Protestant artisans. Beaune, a circular city with 15th-century ramparts, has a Romanesque church (12th cent.) with 15th-century Flemish tapestries. Its famous hôtel Dieu was founded (1443) by Chancellor Nicolas Rolin, a patron of Roger van der Weyden, whose Last Judgment it contains.