Beautiful Beast

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Beautiful Beast ★★ XX: Utukushiki Gakuen; XX Beautiful Beast 1995

Mysterious Chinese warrior woman known as Black Orchid arrives in Japan and rubs out mob boss Ishizuka. Fleeing the scene, she hides out with bartender Yoichi Fujinami, who becomes torn between helping his old pal Yaguchi and the mystery girl that he's falling in love with. Foregoes a lot of empty softcore sex in favor of providing more action. Director Toshiharu Ikeda is no John Woo, but at least Black Orchid's trunk full of highpowered weaponry provides a little fun. 87m/C DVD . JP Kaori Shimamura, Takanori Kikuchi, Hakuryu, Minako Ogawa; D: Toshiharu Ikeda; W: Tamiya Takehashi, Hiroshi Takehashi; C: Seizo Sengen.