Beautiful People

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Beautiful People ★★ 1999 (R)

The war in Bosnia (circa 1993) comes to London when former neighborsturnedenemies, one a Serbian and the other a Croatian, accidentally meet on a bus and try to kill each other. This chaos leads to a variety of intersecting situations: Portia (Coleman), a doctor and daughter of a snobby Tory MP, falls for a refugee; another doctor (Farrell) counsels a pregnant refugee who wants to abort her baby, who is the product of a rape; a druggy skinhead (Nussbaum) winds up experiencing battle firsthand, and on and on and on. 107m/C VHS, DVD . GB Charlotte Coleman, Nicholas Farrell, Danny Nussbaum, Edin Dzandzanovic, Charles Kay, Rosalind Ayres, Heather Tobias, Siobhan Redmond, Gilbert Martin, Linda Bassett, Steve Sweeney; D: Jasmin Dizdar; W: Jasmin Dizdar; C: Barry Ackroyd; M: Gary Bell.