Beautiful Dreamers

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Beautiful Dreamers ★½ 1992 (PG-13)

Maurice Bucke is a young Canadian physician who runs the London Insane Asylum. After a chance meeting with poet Walt Whitman, both men discover their mutual outrage for current treatment of the mentally ill. Bucke persuades Whitman to visit his asylum in order to try Whitman's theory of human compassion on the asylum's inmates. However, Bucke runs into opposition from the local townspeople, scandalized by Whitman's radical reputation. Fairly humdrum with a larger-than-life performance by Torn as Whitman. Based on Whitman's visit to Canada in 1880. 108m/C VHS . CA Rip Torn, Colm Feore, Wendel Meldrum, Sheila McCarthy, Colin Fox; D: John Kent Harrison; W: John Kent Harrison.