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low·er1 / ˈlōər/ • adj. 1. comparative of low1 . 2. less high: the lower levels of the building managers lower down the hierarchy. ∎  (of an animal or plant) showing relatively primitive or simple characteristics. ∎  (often Lower) Geol. & Archaeol. denoting an older (and hence usually deeper) part of a stratigraphic division or archaeological deposit or the period in which it was formed or deposited: Lower Cretaceous Lower Paleolithic. 3. [in place names] situated on less high land or to the south or toward the sea: the sweatshops of the Lower East Side. • adv. in or into a lower position: the sun sank lower. DERIVATIVES: low·er·most / -ˌmōst/ adj. low·er2 / ˈlōər/ • v. [tr.] move (someone or something) in a downward direction: he watched the coffin being lowered into the ground. ∎  reduce the height, pitch, or elevation of: she lowered her voice to a whisper. ∎  make or become less in amount, extent, or value: [tr.] traffic speeds must be lowered | [intr.] temperatures lowered. ∎  direct (one's eyes) downward. ∎  (lower oneself) behave in a way that is perceived as unworthy or debased. PHRASES: lower the boom on inf. treat or reprimand (someone) severely. ∎  put a stop to (an activity): let's lower the boom on high-level corruption. low·er3 / ˈlou(ə)r/ (also lour) • v. [intr.] look angry or sullen; frown: the lofty statue lowers at patients in the infirmary. ∎  (of the sky, weather, or landscape) look dark and threatening: [as adj.] (lowering) a day of lowering clouds. • n. a scowl. ∎  a dark and gloomy appearance of the sky, weather or landscape. DERIVATIVES: low·er·ing·ly adv.

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lowerbower, cower, devour, dower, embower, empower, endower, flour, flower, gaur, Glendower, glower, hour, lour, lower, our, plougher (US plower), power, scour, shower, sour, Stour, sweet-and-sour, tower •Beckenbauer • Eisenhower •Schopenhauer • safflower •passion flower • bellflower •mayflower • cauliflower • wallflower •cornflour, cornflower •sunflower • elderflower • man-hour •Adenauer • manpower • brainpower •willpower • horsepower • firepower •water power • rush hour •watchtower •anoa, Balboa, blower, boa, foregoer, goer, grower, hoer, jerboa, knower, Krakatoa, Lebowa, lower, moa, mower, Mururoa, Noah, o'er, proa, protozoa, rower, Samoa, sewer, Shenandoah, shower, sower, spermatozoa, Stour, thrower, tower •shadower • widower • racegoer •theatregoer (US theatergoer) •churchgoer • echoer •follower, swallower •snowblower • lawnmower • genoa •winnower • harrower • winegrower •borrower • burrower • vetoer

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lower2 see LOUR.

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