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Jakarta Capital of Indonesia, on the nw coast of Java. It was founded (c.1619 as Batavia) by the Dutch as a fort and trading post, and it became the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. It became the capital after Indonesia gained its independence in 1949. Industries: ironworking, printing, timber. Exports: rubber, tea, quinine. Pop. (2000) 8,385,000.


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Jakarta ★½ 1988 (R)

Before gaining fame on the popular t.v. series “Law and Order,” actor Chris Noth was action hero material. Sadly without much success in this dud. A love-hardened CIA operative (Noth) is whisked away to Jakarta for reasons unknown, only to find his thought-to-be-dead lover still alive and caught in a deadly game of espionage. 94m/C VHS . Christopher Noth, Sue Francis Pai, Ronald Hunter; D: Charles Kaufman.