Jakab, Dezsö (1864–1932) and Komor, Marcell (1868–1944)

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JAKAB, DEZSÖ (1864–1932) and KOMOR, MARCELL (1868–1944)

JAKAB, DEZSÖ (1864–1932) and KOMOR, MARCELL (1868–1944), Hungarian architects, designers of synagogues, nursing homes, public buildings, and private villas. Their major projects, situated outside Hungary's present borders, include the synagogue of Subotica (Szabadka), Yugoslavia, the municipality building of Tirgu Mures (Marosvásárhely), Romania, and a concert hall in Bratislava, Czechoslavakia. In partnership they built the Erkel theater in Budapest according to the plans of G. Markus (1872–1912), another Jewish architect of the Secessionist era. Komor was a victim of the Holocaust.

[Eva Kondor]