Jakes, John

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JAKES, John. Also writes as Alan Payne, Jay Scotland. American, b. 1932. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Westerns/Adventure, Young adult fiction, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Worked in advertising, 1954-70; freelance writer, 1971-. Publications: The Texans Ride North (juvenile), 1952; Wear a Fast Gun, 1956; A Night for Treason, 1956; The Devil Has Four Faces, 1958; The Imposter, 1959; Johnny Havoc, 1960; Johnny Havoc Meets Zelda, 1962; Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Had "It," 1963; G.I. Girls, 1963; Tiros: Weather Eye in Space (nonfiction), 1966; Famous Firsts in Sports (nonfiction), 1967; When the Star Kings Die, 1967; Making It Big, 1968; Great War Correspondents (nonfiction), 1968; Brak the Barbarian (short stories), 1968; Great Women Reporters (nonfiction), 1969; The Asylum World, 1969; Brak versus the Mark of the Demons, 1969, in U.K. as Brak the Barbarian: The Mark of the Demons, 1970; Brak the Barbarian versus the Sorceress, 1969, in U.K. as Brak the Barbarian: The Sorceress, 1970; The Hybrid, 1969; The Last Magicians, 1969; The Planet Wizard, 1969; Secrets of Stardeep (juvenile), 1969; Tonight We Steal the Stars, 1969; Black in Time, 1970; Mask of Chaos, 1970; Master of the Dark Gate, 1970; Monte Cristo 99, 1970; Six-Gun Planet, 1970; Mention My Name in Atlantis, 1972; Time Gate (juvenile), 1972; Witch of the Dark Gate, 1972; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (novelization of screenplay), 1972; On Wheels, 1973; Kent Family Chronicles: The Bastard, 1974, The Rebels, 1975, The Seekers, 1975, The Furies, 1976, The Titans, 1976, The Warriors, 1977, The Lawless, 1978, and The Americans, 1980; The Best of John Jakes (short stories/science fiction), 1977; King's Crusader (reprint of Sir Scoundrel), 1977; When The Idols Walked, 1978; Excalibur, 1980; The Bastard Photostory (nonfiction), 1980; North and South, 1982; Love and War, 1984; Heaven and Hell, 1987; California Gold, 1989; In the Big Country, the Best Western Stories of John Jakes, 1993, rev. ed. as The Bold Frontier, 2001; Homeland, 1993; (ed. with M.H. Greenberg) New Trails, 23 Original Stories of the West, 1994; American Dreams, 1998; On Secret Service, 2000; (ed.) A Century of Great Western Stories, 2000; Charleston, 2002. AS ALAN PAYNE: This'll Slay You, 1958; Murder He Says, 1958. AS JAY SCOTLAND: The Seventh Man, 1958; I, Barbarian, 1959; Strike the Black Flag, 1961; Sir Scoundrel, 1962; Veils of Salome, 1962; Arena, 1963; Traitors' Legion, 1963, as The Man from Cannae, 1977. Address: c/o Rembar and Curtis, 19 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]