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Blantyre •sapphire • backfire • campfire •shellfire • ceasefire • misfire • spitfire •speechifier •humidifier, solidifier •modifier • codifier • amplifier •vilifier •mollifier, qualifier •nullifier • magnifier • indemnifier •signifier • personifier • unifier •typifier • stupefier •clarifier, scarifier •terrifier, verifier •gentrifier • glorifier • purifier •classifier, pacifier •specifier • intensifier • crucifier •emulsifier • versifier •gratifier, ratifier •sanctifier • identifier • testifier •prettifier • quantifier • fortifier •beautifier • stultifier • justifier •liquefier • wildfire • watchfire •bonfire • crossfire • bushfire • gunfire •surefire • lammergeier • multiplier •outlier • Niemeyer • quagmire •vampire • empire • occupier • umpire •hairdryer • prophesier • satire •Blantyre • saltire • haywire • tripwire •retrochoir • underwire


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Blantyre (blăntī´ər), city (1994 est. pop. 446,800), S Malawi, in the Shire Highlands. It is the chief commercial and industrial center of Malawi with cement, food and tobacco processing, and textile industries. The city is also on the rail line that provides the landlocked nation vital access to ports on the Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Blantyre was founded in 1876 as a Church of Scotland mission station and was named for the birthplace of David Livingstone. In 1956, Blantyre was combined with Limbe to form one city.