Blaramberg, Pavel (Ivanovich)

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Blaramberg, Pavel (Ivanovich)

Blaramberg, Pavel (Ivanovich), Russian composer; b. Orenburg, Sept. 26, 1841; d. Nice, March 28, 1907. His father was a geographer of French origin and his mother was Greek. At the age of 14 he went to St. Petersburg, where he later became a functionary of the Central Statistical Committee. He was largely selftaught in music, apart from occasional advice from Balakirev and Rimsky-Korsakov. In 1878 he settled in Moscow as an instructor at the newly founded Phil. Inst. In 1898 he went to the Crimea, then to France.


DRAMATIC: Opera: The Mummers (1881); Russalka (Moscow, April 15, 1888); Maria Tudor, after Hugo (produced as Mary of Burgundy on account of the censor’s objection to the original libretto; Moscow, Oct. 29, 1888); Tushintsy (Moscow, Feb. 5, 1895); The Waves (1902). OTHER: The Dying Gladiator, symphonic poem (1882); Sym. (1886); songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire