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hu·man·i·ty / (h)yoōˈmanitē/ • n. (pl. -ties) 1. the human race; human beings collectively: appalling crimes against humanity. ∎  the fact or condition of being human; human nature: a few moments when Soviets and Canadians shared their common humanity.2. humaneness; benevolence: he praised them for their standards of humanity, care, and dignity.3. (humanities) learning or literature concerned with human culture, esp. literature, history, art, music, and philosophy.


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Humanity ★★ L'Humanite 1999

Overly long and raw look at a few days in the life naive cop Pharon De Winter (Schotte), who suffers from an overabundance of empathy for the pain of others. His latest assignment is certain to plunge Pharon into despair as he investigates the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. Pharon is also hopelessly attracted to his young neighbor Domino (Caneele), whose sexual interludes with boyfriend Joseph (Tullier) leave nothing to the viewers' imagination. French with subtitles. 142m/C VHS, DVD . FR Emmanuel Schotte, Severine Caneele, Philippe Tullier, Ghislain Ghesquiere, Ginette Allegre; D: Bruno Dumont; W: Bruno Dumont; C: Yves Cape; M: Richard Cuvillier. Cannes ‘99: Actor (Schotte), Actress (Caneele), Grand Jury Prize.


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human beings collectively, 1579.